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Not only will a quality roof be the icing on a beautiful cake that is your home; it will also give you peace of mind for years to come.

A quality installed and prepared roof protects your most important investment: your home.


There are many times when roof repairs are necessary. That’s okay when you trust our team to help you find the problem and to fix it. Our roofing repair services are extensive. Our goal is to help protect your home, but also to keep your costs in line. There are many times when the roof repair work is minimal and inexpensive, but saves you a considerable cost by preventing further damage. And, then there are other times when more extensive damage already exists, and repairs will likely be more expensive and time consuming. We’ll help you in all situations. Our Calgary residential roof repair services include:

Patching Missing Shingles

24/7 Emergency Repair

Attic inspections

Solving Condensation Issues

Verifying Potential Leaks

Several Reasons To Use Premier Residential Exteriors!


Using a small local contractor to replace the siding on your home is a great idea. Not only will you be supporting a local business, but they usually have a better understanding of local building codes and regulations, and often provide a more personalized service. Additionally, you'll be able to establish a relationship with them and have a better idea of their workmanship. And finally, small local contractors often are able to provide a more affordable service than larger national companies.


Workmanship is an important factor when selecting a contractor to replace the siding on a home because of the long-term impact it can have on the home's exterior. Poor workmanship can lead to premature siding failure, gaps and leaks, and higher energy costs. A contractor with good workmanship skills will ensure that the siding is installed correctly so that the home is properly sealed, providing the best protection against the elements.

Cost Effective

Being cost effective when selecting a contractor to replace the siding on a home is important because it allows for homeowners to maximize the value of their investment. By selecting a contractor who can provide quality work at a competitive price, homeowners can ensure that their home's siding is replaced for the lowest cost possible, ensuring that their money is spent wisely and efficiently.

Competitively priced & best reviewed.

"Team returned my call regarding a roof leak. They visited the property the next day and carried out the repair there and then. Very pleased with their work and response time. Would contact them again if needed."
Martin Brown
"This company did an excellent job replacing my skylight and flat roof. I will be using them again for further services of my house. So grateful for the patience of the team with me as I am deaf. Would highly recommend this company."
Amanda Doe
"The people were polite and informative. The work was professional and with an excellent finish! I would definitely recommend them and have asked them back to complete a car barn project for us."
Jane Atherton



Replacing new siding is a big project that usually take about a week on a standard-sized home. However, one week of time will provide you with many years of maintenance free enjoyment.

The best thing you can do to protect your siding is to cut back trees and bushes that may be growing up to it and rubbing against it. Also, regularly paint wood, LP, and hardie siding to keep out moisture.

Yes, Premier Exterior & Roofing offers several years workmanship warranty on installation of windows, siding and concrete. Our team will also work with the specific product manufacturer to follow its warranty plan for the duration of your new windows or siding.